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Physiologic Insulin Resensitization in Saint Cloud, MN

Woodlands Health & Performance provides diabetic patients with a unique and patented treatment known as physiologic insulin resensitization in Saint Cloud, MN. Physiologic insulin resensitization administers insulin as a hormone instead of a drug to address metabolic failure, the primary cause of diabetes. The insulin is utilized in a way that bio-mimics normal physiology to reduce insulin resistance and help blood sugar be converted into energy. By increasing cellular energy, this treatment allows the body to grow, repair, and regenerate damaged tissues and organs. This approach to diabetes treatment stabilizes and reduces complications from metabolic disorders. This unique treatment helps restore the body to normal physiology.

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Cutting-Edge Diabetes Technology Services

Here at Woodlands Health & Performance, we are excited for you to experience our infusion-based diabetes program. In cozy recliner chairs, our patients are free to socialize with new friends while receiving top-notch treatment. Plus, we provide blankets and delicious, diabetic-appropriate snacks to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Each visit typically takes 2-3 hours, depending on individual patient needs. Plus, the best news? It’s covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. So don’t wait to take control of your diabetes – come relax and heal with us!

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Diabetic Neuropathy Pain Relief Starts With Us

We know that living with diabetes is challenging enough. But when peripheral neuropathy starts causing pain and numbness in your hands and feet? It can feel impossible. That’s where Woodlands Health & Performance comes in. Our team specializes in treating peripheral neuropathy with a non-surgical, non-drug approach. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the pain, and regain feeling in your extremities, contact us so we can help you.

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Stay tuned, this service is coming soon

Stay tuned, this service is coming soon

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Insulin Used as a Hormone for Diabetes

Administering insulin as a hormone to bio-mimic normal physiology helps up-regulate insulin receptor activity and reduce insulin resistance. This infusion treatment reduces the leading cause of type two diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Treatment involved precise dosing and an intravenous precision administration of fast-acting insulin. The precise dosing bio-mimics a hormone communicator to stimulate the metabolism and reduce insulin resistance. The patients are also given precise amounts of glucose to stimulate the digestive system during treatment. Physiologic insulin resensitization is not a cure and requires continuous treatments to be effective.

Restore & Regenerate the Metabolism

Treatment protocol mimics the body’s natural way of maintaining an optimized metabolism. Each treatment lasts around two to three hours. The patient is free to move around the clinic during treatment. The treatment focuses on achieving insulin sensitivity at the insulin receptor level. This allows glucose to enter cells more readily and be converted to ATP molecules that carry energy within the cells. By increasing cellular energy, the body is able to repair and regenerate damaged tissues, improving overall health and reducing symptoms from metabolic complications.

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Our clinic provides physiologic insulin resensitization treatment for patients who have diabetes and other metabolic disorders. While metabolic impairment is a chronic disease that cannot be cured completely, continuous treatment will help patients improve their health and well-being. Patients who have continuously received therapy have reported improved neuropathy, improvement in one or more diabetic complications, HbA1c reduction, or reduced diabetic medications. However, patients that stop therapy will experience diminishing improvements over time. Our clinic offers continual therapy treatment to help patients with metabolic disorders reduce complications and see improved physiology.

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