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Micro Dosing vs Injections of Insulin in Waite Park, MN

Micro dosing infusions of insulin are a newer approach to treating diabetes that involves administering very small amounts of insulin through an IV over a 2-3 hour window in the office. This approach has several benefits over traditional insulin injection therapy, including better control over blood sugar levels, fewer side effects, and reduced risk of increased energy, improved sleep, decreased neuropathy pain, and less medication. Micro dosing is using insulin like a hormone instead of a drug. This creates a response from the cell to reestablish the insulin receptors to accept the glucose from the blood and put that glucose into the cell to be converted into energy. This approach can help maintain stable blood sugar levels and prevent the spikes and crashes that can occur with traditional insulin injections.

Benefits of Micro Dosing Infusions

One of the main advantages of micro dosing infusions is that it can help individuals with diabetes achieve better control over their blood sugar levels. By administering insulin in very small amounts, over the 2-3 hour treatment window, it is possible to keep blood sugar levels within a narrower range, reducing the risk of complications associated with high or low blood sugar. Additionally, micro dosing infusions can be customized to meet the individual needs of each patient, allowing for more precise dosing and better management of diabetes. This approach may be particularly helpful for individuals who struggle to manage their blood sugar levels with traditional insulin therapy or who experience significant side effects.

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