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Are You Experiencing Sciatica?

Woodlands Health & Performance is a comprehensive chiropractic and physical therapy center located in St. Cloud, MN. Under the expert care of Dr. Michael Balfanz and his professional team, Woodlands Health & Performance is fully equipped to help alleviate the symptoms of sciatica and provide you with the proper treatment for the best results possible.

person holding lower back in pain

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Sciatica can be very painful, fortunately that pain is not usually an indication there will be any permanent nerve problems. It has found that manual adjustments to the spine and physical manipulation are the best treatment methods. Heat, ice, and anti-inflammatory medication are also used. It can also be that massage therapy or physical therapy is necessary for optimal results. If there are major medical concerns, steroid injections or possibly surgery could be recommended.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is described as pain, initially in the lower back, that begins radiating down the leg. While it is a relatively common condition, it can be confusing to understand. Sciatica is not a specific medical condition. The term is actually used to describe symptoms caused by other problems. The name comes from the sciatic nerve, when this nerve is compressed, the symptoms of Sciatica appear. It is important that you see a professional when you experience symptoms of sciatica. There are more serious problems that the symptoms may be pointing to and early diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause is crucial. As the longest and thickest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, passed the buttock, and down the leg. The muscles of the foot and leg are provided feeling by the nerve. When this nerve is compressed by an injury or illness, it causes the symptoms of sciatica.

Those suffering from sciatica report feelings of pain, tingling, or burning in the buttock and leg. Generally sciatica appears on one side of the body but not both. The severity of these feelings are varies depending on the severity of the injury. The location of nerve compression can also affect the experienced pain or discomfort. The pain or discomfort can be mild to extremely intense. Sciatica can cause walking and sitting to be difficult. Sciatica is more prominent when certain situations are present. During pregnancy, hormone changes can alter the structure of the body enough to cause nerve malfunction and increase the risk of sciatica. Muscle strain and the inflammation caused by it can also be a cause. While it is very rare, spinal tumors may be present that cause pressure. Trauma in the lower back can also be caused by infection which heightens sciatica risk.

Why Woodlands Health & Performance?

Woodlands Health & Performance knows that regular chiropractic care can help to alleviate and resolve the symptoms of sciatica by allowing your body to work together as it should. A professional wellness center such as Woodlands is uniquely skilled to provide you with the knowledge, treatment, and education needed. We are passionate about improving our patient’s quality of lives through good health. If you are suffering from the symptoms of sciatica, you can rest assured that Woodlands Health & Performance can help. Woodlands Health & Performance is a comprehensive healthcare clinic. Our experience and knowledge coupled with our caring approach results in a superb experience with exceptional results. Contact us at: 320-240-0300 to schedule a consultation with us, or send us a message via our online form. Don’t let sciatica affect your quality of life, contact Woodlands Health & Performance today!

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