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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain, or “dorsalgia,” is pain felt in the lower back that originates from its nerves, joints, bones, muscles, and other structures of the spine. Almost 98% of back pain comes from unknown origins. Low back pain (LBP) affects more than 80% of the population and is the reason for more disability and sick leave than any other known medical condition. Generally, lower back pain dissipates on its own. But for some, lower back pain returns and is a chronic menace that can lead to a decrease in our quality of life.

Chiropractic Care in St Cloud

Signs & Symptoms

There are many symptoms and signs that can indicate lower back pain. The symptoms of lower back pain can vary a great deal, from mild and annoying, to sharp and burning. The following are the most common signs and symptoms of lower back pain:

  • Numbness in the inner thigh or groin
  • Loss of bowel control or bladder control

There are 3 different types of lower back pain

  • Acute Pain – Lower back pain that lasts less than 3 months
  • Recurrent Pain – Acute lower back symptoms that return
  • Chronic Pain – Lower back pain lasting longer than 3 months


Woodlands Health & Performance is dedicated to finding the most effective and least invasive treatment for lower back pain in St. Cloud, MN. There are a number of approaches that our physical therapists will take to assess and treat your lower back pain. These approaches can include passive physical therapy and/or active exercises.

Passive Physical Therapy

Depending on your specific type of lower back pain, our physical therapists may perform passive physical therapy. These techniques are called passive because they do not require your participation. Some passive techniques are:

  • Heat/ice packs
  • TENS Unit
  • Iontophoresis
  • Ultrasound

Active Exercises

Our physical therapists will design a series of active exercises that will match your needs. Generally, a lower back pain patient’s regime will encompass a combination of the following:

  • Stretching for back pain exercises: This involves stretching the hamstring muscles once or twice a day.
  • Low-impact aerobic conditioning: These activities help for long-term pain reduction such as walking, swimming, bicycling, and other aerobic exercises
  • Strengthening for back pain exercises: These strengthen the back muscles. 15 to 20 minutes of lumbar stabilization should be done every other day.

The Woodlands Health & Performance Approach

Woodlands Health & Performance is a comprehensive health care clinic that that provides some of the most effective treatment for lower back pain in St Cloud, MN, and the surrounding Midwest. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of health care experts in the areas of physiotherapy and rehabilitative medicine. We provide multiple options for our patients such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, electro-dermal screenings, massage, and more. Your health is important-especially your ability to move without pain.

If you are suffering from lower back pain in St. Cloud, MN, or the greater Midwest, and want to explore physical therapy techniques, or simply improve your health through mobility contact us at: 320-240-0300 to schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists

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