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Auto Injury?

It is inevitable at times to avoid an auto accident. Mixed emotions break free after the crushing sounds of life’s altering path. Fear, anger, anxiety, stress, and many more feelings take arise and put the burden on what must be done. Dealing with the police and your insurance company can frustrate even the calmest of minds, but days after the accident you may feel the true physical pain of what has happened. It could be the simplest of injuries to the most severe, but no matter the size the pain could follow you the rest of your life, and at times progressing into a more serious injury.

With a goal in mind to treat these injuries, do not fear treatment. Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle and it may sound as if they would prefer you remain in pain, but with Woodlands Chiropractic on your side, we will make treatment possible and stress free. Do not hesitate to call or stop in whenever you see fit. Even if you are just searching for questions. We can assist you with lawyer advice, treatment plans, and many complicated insurance inquiries.

person holding neck after car accident

Symptoms After an Auto Accident

Headaches and Migraines are common after an auto accident. When your head is involuntarily forced from a sudden impact, the muscles surrounding the head and neck strain to keep balance. During this process, a forceful stretch tightens muscles and builds the neck into a ‘brick-like’ feeling, applying pressure against the head and neck.

More serious injuries such as, shoulder, arm, back, leg and foot pain may appear minor at first, but as the body continues to heal, the pain’s true effects occur. Muscles gradually heal, but after a jarring impact to our skeletal systems may derail the muscles from their problem alignment. Popped ribs and rotated pelvis bones are two great examples where muscles have impact on prolonged pain. During the weeks following your accident you may experience tightness, dull or even sharp pain in these effected areas. Without addressing these issues you may live with constant pain your entire life. Herniated or disc bulges are often common in the spine, depending on how severe the impact from the accident was. Surgery is normally considered the first solution, but with proper treatment one could forego the high expense of modern surgery.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in St. Cloud, MN

Here at Woodlands Chiropractic we offer comprehensive healthcare to treat minor to severe injuries. We focus on treatment plans including chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage. Having all three of these services provides a well-rounded, one stop visit in treating your pain.

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